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Batavia High School

Always Learning, Always Growing


Dr. JoAnne Smith, Principal      
office: (630) 937-8611
Email Dr. Smith

Mr. Dave Andrews, Assistant Principal for Operations
office: (630) 937-8611
Email Mr. Andrews questions about athletics or operations

Dr. Lenny DePasquale, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction
office: (630) 937-8611
Email Dr. DePasquale questions about curriculum, assessments, and academic support

Mr. Bob Dietz, Assistant Principal for Student Life
office: (630) 937-8612
Email Mr. Dietz questions about student activities; or attendance and student discipline

Ms. Erin Reid, Assistant Principal for Student Support
office: (630) 937-8612
Email Ms. Reid questions about student support services; or attendance and student discipline


Please click here for a list of our division coordinators.