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Honors/AP FAQ

Honors FAQ

Honors/AP Night Presentation (February 5, 2015)


Q: What is the difference between honors/AP courses and regular courses at BHS?

  • Several characteristics separate regular classes from honors and AP courses.  Some of those include pace of course, depth of knowledge, workload, and student ownership of learning.
  • AP courses are developed by the College Board ( and are taught by BHS teachers.  Students may elect to take an AP test in the spring.  The AP test is an external assessment in which students are given a score of 1 to 5.& Students scoring a 3 or higher may be given college credit by their university.
  • Honors classes are developed by BHS and BPS faculty.  These courses are targeted at gifted and talented students. The students in these courses are internally assessed.


Q: Do honors and AP courses award weighted grades?

  • Yes. All honors and AP courses add an extra GPA point.  Student GPA will be capped at a benchmark of 4.375. This means that any student with a 4.375 GPA will be awarded "highest honors" and be #1 in their class.  To achieve this benchmark, students need to average 3 honors/AP courses per year and earn a grade of A in every course.  Please see the chart at the bottom of this page with the graduation honors details.


Q: Should my child take an AP/honors course and if so, how many?

  • This is a question that you and your child need consider carefully.  It is important to consider factors such as outside commitments (athletics, volunteering. family obligations, etc.) and student strengths.  Parents can use prior course performance, work ethic, teacher recommendations, and standardized testing as pieces of evidence to use when making the decision.

Q: Can my child drop an honors/AP course if the course is difficult?

  • No.  Because of the school's commitment to offer these courses to as many students as possible, students also need to make the commitment to remain in courses after the school year begins. The school is committed to providing support for students who find the course difficult. Course requests for the upcoming school year can be changed until March 15th.

Q: Does my child need to complete an application for an honors or AP course?

  • No.  Students are welcome to request courses as long as the prerequisite is met.

Q: Will my child have a balanced schedule so their honors classes are not in the same semester?

  • We try our very best to balance student schedules.  If, during the summer, you notice that your child has an unbalanced schedule, please contact us and we will attempt to adjust their schedule.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • If you have questions are your child specifically, please contact their current teacher or their guidance counselor. If you have questions about the courses themselves, please contact the division coordinator or Lenny DePasquale, Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction.  Please click here for contact information.

Q: How do I sign up for an AP test?

  • Please click here to sign up for an AP test or to find out more about AP testing at Batavia High School. 


  Class of 2014 and Beyond
Highest Honors 4.375 
High Honors 4.0
Honors 3.5


For a list of current AP and honors courses, click here.