Class of 2021

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Our Mission

Support freshman students in transitioning from middle school to high school in all areas in including but not limited to; academics and life skills such as social and emotional aspects and executive function skills such as time management, organization and study habits).

Our Vision

The Freshmen House will be a collaborative cross-curricular team of staff and students that provides supports to meet the needs of all individual students. It will be consistent and use intervention strategies and supports to help transition students to high school. It will also develop skills and relationships for the freshmen that will help prepare them to face the challenges of high school ahead. The house will also provide them with tools to teach them to take control of their learning and become well-rounded individuals.

About The House

Our team is here to support all freshmen students to give them the tools to successfully transition to high school and to be successful in high school. During the school year, your student will be able be meeting their Link Leader(s) that will help teach them about BHS. The teachers and staff will be teaching our students and families how to create a challenging, safe, engaging and positive environment that will support students for the rest of their high school career including; counseling advising, college and career cruising, essential and executive functioning skills, along social/emotional lessons…..

Freshmen Support Team

Administrator: Mrs. Sara Thomas

Counselor: Mr. Alton Rollerson

Social Worker: Mrs. Megan Pecararo-McCann

Freshmen House Secretary: Mrs. Dale Krypel

Other Important Information and Links