Honors and Advanced Placement (AP)

Batavia High School offers a wide variety of both honors and AP courses.

Courses listed with a link have details about summer work due prior to AP/Honors course beginning.

FHAMD Division Humanities Division STEM Division
AP Studio Art English I Honors Intermediate Algebra Honors
AP Music Theory English II Honors Geometry Honors
AP Language & Composition Advanced Algebra Honors
AP Literature & Composition Pre-Calculus Honors
French V Honors AP Calculus I
Spanish V Honors AP Calculus II
Latin V Honors Biology Honors
AP European History Chemistry Honors
AP Government AP Environmental Science
AP Psychology AP Biology
AP Human Geography AP Chemistry
AP US History AP Physics
AP Physics II

Graduation Requirements

Batavia High School is proud of its tradition of academic excellence. We live by our mission of “Always Learning, Always Growing.” While there are numerous electives and specialty programs available for students to pursue their interests and possible career fields, there are also a number of required courses for graduation. There are additional course requirements for students seeking college admission. No matter the student’s post-secondary plans, students should seek a rigorous course of study while in high school.

At Batavia High School, there is a minimum credit requirement of 26 credits

Required Courses
3.5 credits English 3 credits Social Studies .5 credits Speech
3 credits Math 2 credits Science .5 credits Health
3.5 credits Physical Education .5 credits Consumer Education .5 credits Government

Curricular Divisions & Departments Students and parents select required and elective credits from the following curricular departments:

Art Math Social Studies
Career and Technical Education Music Special Education
English Physical Education
Foreign Language Science

Please click here to find a full list of course offerings.

Dual Credit Partnership with Waubonsee Community College

Three Options:

  • Current Offerings
  • Possible for 2014-2015
  • Fox Valley Career Center (FVCC)
Option Current Possible for 2014-2015 FVCC 
Details Students must be 16 years old and have completed prerequisite courses listed in registration handbook.  Students may choose as many of these courses as they wish. Students must be college-bound seniors on track to graduate in May. Students must be enrolled in the Fire Science or Criminal Justice program at FVCC.
Courses Offered Advanced Speech, AP Psychology, Calculus I, Calculus II, and Transitions to College Mathematics, College Math 101 College American History, Physical Fitness Criminal Justice and Fire Science

Parents and students are encouraged to monitor progress in classes by keeping in regular contact with the classroom teacher and through the PowerSchool portal. When you log into PowerSchool, you will be able to see current grades for all of your child’s courses, upcoming assignment due dates, assignment descriptions, and attendance. Parents and students can expect to see grades updated by the 15th and 30th of each month. Attendance will be updated daily. If you have questions regarding your child’s grade, please speak to your child prior to contacting the teacher. Your child may be able to answer questions or ask the teacher during class.