January 10, 2017

Board Highlights: Jan. 10, 2017

The following is a brief recap of the Tues., Jan. 10, 2017, BPS101 Regular Board Meeting. View the agenda and all supporting documents from this meeting and minutes from previous meetings. View BATV’s recording of this meeting.

Discussion Item: District Management Council Proposal

John J-H Kim, chief executive officer of the Boston-based consulting firm District Management Council (DMC), shared this presentation on “Creating elementary master building schedules to cost effectively support teaching and learning best practices.” Mr. Kim was invited to the Board Meeting to talk about DMC’s approach to scheduling: optimizing staff and class time to best support students in a sustainable manner.

After much discussion, Board members came to a consensus that, at this time, they did not want to pursue consulting work from DMC, but would rather take a more holistic approach—looking at all positions and programming in the District for efficiencies and cost-saving measures. Tony Inglese, BPS101 Chief Financial Officer, stated that BPS101 could face a $1.2 million deficit in 2018 based on Illinois state funding projections.

Based on Board feedback, Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens said that BPS101 administrators will put together alternative ideas—with student learning top priority—and continue this conversation at the Tues., Jan. 24 Board Meeting.

Celebration: Fall Mini Grants

Representatives from the Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence (BFEE), including BFEE Chair Catherine Fitch and BFEE Board Member Karen Holden, honored 2016 Fall Mini Grant (less than $700) recipients and presented them with a big check and certificate. Fall 2016 Mini Grants totaled $5,110.

View full list BPS101 educators who received a grant.

Report: Batavia Fine Arts Centre Contract with Love Productions, Inc.

Dominic Cattero, Manager of the Batavia Fine Arts Center, asked Board Members for permission to negotiate with the company Love Productions, Inc. on a contract for an entertainment act that would exceed the $25,000 threshold set by law and Board Policy. He will bring a negotiated contract back to the Board for final approval at the Tues., Jan. 24 Board Meeting.

Action: Elimination of Class Rank at Batavia High School

At the Dec. 20, 2016, Board meeting, the Batavia High School Leadership Team recommended that the Board of Education approve a change to Policy 6:330 AP1 to eliminate class rank at Batavia High School, beginning with the graduating class of 2019. The Board approved this change with a vote of 7-0. The current system of “Highest Honors,” High Honors,” and “Honors” will remain in place.

Action: Policy 2:140 Communications to and from the Board

Superintendent Dr. Lisa Hichens led a discussion about Policy 2:140, asking the Board for feedback and/or changes to it. Board Member Chris Lowe said he would like improved search functionality on the District Web site and better ways for hot topics to be communicated and updated. Administration is working on both requests. At the end of the discussion, the Board voted 4 (yes)-2 (no)-1 (abstain) to keep Policy 2:140 unchanged.

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