What is Naviance?

Naviance is a college and career readiness software platform we use in each grade of high school in a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate way for each grade level.

Naviance allows students and their parents to take assessments to help students discover their learning styles, career interests, research colleges, and request transcripts & letters of recommendation for college applications.

As students begin/continue to use Naviance, be sure to CLICK ON FAVORITES to save colleges/careers to your student’s portfolio.

How to log in to Naviance

  • Go to the Batavia HS homepage, click students, then Naviance. Click the student backpack, single-sign-on & use your BPS email address.
  • Parents may email their school counselor to create a parent account, which allows them to view their student’s Naviance accounts, but not do any of the assessments or complete any tasks.

Career Research Tools- Click CAREERS > HOME

  • Career Cluster Finder– All students complete this during English freshmen year in a lesson with Mrs. Buttels (college/career counselor). It is a simple questionnaire that helps students discover how the 16 career clusters match careers based on activities that interest them, personal qualities the student has, and subjects the student enjoys in school.
  • Career Interest Profiler– All sophomores complete the career interest profiler during a college/career lesson with Mrs. Buttels. Career interest assessment for students based on Holland’s interest codes (which takes into account personality types).  Students can view matching careers and career clusters organized by the amount of preparation each requires. 

Other Naviance tools & assessments students may do on their own:

  • RoadTrip Nation Videos- A career exploration resource that connects young people to careers that are true to their interests. It is an archive of video interviews with more than 300 local, national, and international leaders. All interviews are conducted for students by students.
  • Do What You Are- Uses personality types to help students identify their natural tendencies and will suggest careers and clusters that might be a good match for a student.  Results provide students with a four-part personality type. 

College Research Tools- Click COLLEGES > HOME

  • SuperMatch- All juniors are shown how to use supermatch during a lesson with Mrs. Buttels. Students may choose to use this earlier when they are ready to start searching for colleges. The supermatch is a college search tool that makes it easy for students to explore their options and discover colleges that match with their academic profile and fit with what they’re looking for in a college experience. 
  • Advanced College Search-  This search tool allows you to answer a series of optional questions to narrow down your college choices to just a few.
  • College Resources- These college resources are provided by your school or district to help you as you plan for college

Other Naviance Features

 Resume Builder- Click ABOUT ME > MY STUFF > RESUME- Provides a framework for resume development. Resume Builder can be used to decide and work on different resume sections, and then the build tool can be used to export to a PDF or Word file. See more details on how to build your resume in Naviance here

How to Request Letters of Recommendation on Naviance

Watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to request letters of rec here


  1. Click the “Colleges” tab
  2. If you haven’t already, under  “Colleges I’m Applying to,” Add each college you are applying to (by clicking the pink button).  
  3. After your colleges are added, under the college’s tab, click “Letters of Recommendation.” Click “Add Request.” 
  4. Select your teacher from the drop-down box and include a personal note to them.  Make sure to let them know in this note if you are applying via the Common App and request that they also complete the Common App Teacher Evaluation Form.  This is an extra form they must complete in order for their letter to be accepted by the college. NOTE: You must first add your colleges to your “Colleges I’m Applying To” list.  Select each college & request enough letters of recommendation to meet the minimum requirement for each school.
  5. Your teacher will then submit your letter of rec electronically via Naviance. It will automatically go to the Common App as well so do not add a letter of rec request in the Common App as well. 
  6. Students can view when letters have been requested (it will state in progress) and submitted (it is delivered) on this tab.  

Request Transcripts for College on Naviance

View a video on how to request transcripts on Naviance here.

  1. Click on “Colleges I’m Applying To.”
  2. Click the pink, circular “add” button. 
  3. Look up your college, indicate your application type, and whether you will submit your application directly to the institution or through the Common Application.
  4. Click “Add and Request Transcript.”
  5. Next, you will indicate that you are requesting an initial transcript and then click  “Request and Finish.”
  6. We will then receive notification that you have put in a request, and we will send your transcript electronically directly to the school.

Students can view when transcripts have been sent under the “manage transcripts” section of the college’s tab.
See how to request transcripts, letters of rec on Naviance & many other college topics on the BHS College Dashboard.