2017-18 Course Catalog

Below are some helpful links and important information you may need to complete the registration process.

Course Selection (all grades)

The basis for a successful year in high school is careful course selection for that academic year. The best selections are made when the student and parent have complete and accurate information from which to make choices and decisions, so please read this carefully. The registration guide provides students and parents/legal guardians with information about high school graduation requirements, university and community college admissions requirements, course descriptions, special academic programs available to students, and more. With careful attention to the information presented here, a student can make a tentative four-year plan for high school that is based on options available upon graduation from high school.  Additional opportunities will be available to choose courses that may potentially meet college credit needs or may enhance future career opportunities.

The registration process begins in January each year and concludes in late February.  Detailed information will be shared with students and parents/guardians about the process in early December each year.  Students and parents/legal guardians can also gain additional insight into high school planning by attending special presentations offered by the high school throughout the year.  These programs are listed on our BHS website. The registration process is filled with many opportunities for discussion, approval of courses, and previews of courses offered.  Since there is a system of checks and balances in place, we make every effort to allow student choice in the selection process, catch misplacements, and determine balances in schedules so students have to make final decisions of student schedules once the portal closes and the counselors review the students’ schedule.  Because of the intensity of our registration process to meet all student needs, schedules will not be changed once the portal closes.  Please keep this in mind when registering for courses

Although we make every effort to eliminate the need for schedule changes, changes to a student’s schedule may occur prior to the start of school only if the student:

  1. Attended summer school, thus creating a need for a change.
  2. Scheduled for a class in which the student has already earned a credit, or failed a course that is a prerequisite for the scheduled class.
  3. Has not been scheduled for the number of classes required by the school.
  4. A specific course is needed for graduation.
  5. A change of schedule is needed to accommodate administrative decisions.

Course Placement Procedures

Students are placed into core academic classes based upon their standardized testing data, teacher recommendations, and prior achievement data.


Students or their parents can appeal a placement by simply filling out a form on the website. Appeals need to be made by the time the portal closes. The appeal will be reviewed by the curricular supervisor in charge of that area.  Please reference the incoming freshmen website for more information.

Course Templates and Outlines

Click here for Grade 9 Requirements/Guidelines
Click here for Grade 9 Template
Click here for Grade 10
Click here for Grade 11
Click here for Grade 12

Course Expectations

College Prep 

These are courses that provide instruction to develop skills in reading, reasoning, higher level thinking, computation, laboratory science, and foreign language. They ready students for university and college work, as well as other post-secondary options.

Honors (H)

These are courses that demand high levels of cognitive and problem-solving processes and independent work. A rigorous instructional pace allows for both curricular depth, and enrichment. They prepare students for university and college work, as well as future study in Advanced Placement courses.

Advanced Placement (AP)

These are highly challenging courses with expectations that students will work independently and demonstrate high levels of critical and analytical thinking, reading, and writing. The textbooks and materials used are above grade level or at college level. The goal of the course is to prepare the student for the Advanced Placement exam; which may permit a student to receive college credit and/or placement. Beginning in 2016, all Illinois public universities and community colleges must award  college credit to students with an AP exam score of 3 or higher.

Dual Credit Policies

Waubonsee Community College offers classes that students may take and receive both high school and community college credit. These offerings vary, so check with your counselor if you are interested.

1.Students must meet WCC requirements (see your counselor).

2.Students must pay tuition, fees, and all other costs for class.

3.Students must provide their own transportation to WCC.

4.Students must be enrolled in the equivalent of four high school courses at all times. WCC classes that are not dual credit will not replace the four course enrollment requirement.

5.Three college hours will transfer as one high school credit.

6.Grades and credits will be included on BHS transcript and be included in GPA.

7.To confirm the grade for the final BHS transcript, an official transcript from WCC must be provided. Failure to provide this will result in an “F” on the transcript.

8.If the student should drop the WCC class, the high school must be notified immediately. The student will receive an “F” for the course and must also re-enroll in a high school course as soon as possible (beginning of next term).

Graduation Requirements

Minimum Credits Required for Graduation: 26
.5 credit Consumer Education *
.5 credit Government
.5 credit Health
.5 credit Speech **
1 credit US or American History
2 credits Science
3 credits Math
2 credits Social Studies
3.5 credits English
3.5 credits P.E.
* May also choose Economics or Incubator Entrepreneurship or Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) to fulfill Consumer Ed requirement.
** May also choose Advanced Speech or Argumentation & Debate to fulfill Speech requirement.

Grading Scale

Student GPA will be capped at a benchmark of 4.375. To achieve this benchmark students need to average 3 Honors/AP courses per year and earn a grade of an A in every course. 

GRADING 90-100% 80-89% 70-79% 60-69% Below:

Grading Scales A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0 F

Honors/AP A=5.0 B=4.0 C=3.0 D=2.0 F

Course Fees

Some classes have associated fees which cover consumables.  These fees are paid during registration in August.  The fees are listed below each course description.

Add or Drop a Class

Add or Drop: Class schedules will ONLY  be changed for the following reasons: (all of these changes will be initiated by the school)

  •  A student does not meet the course requirements.
  •  A student needs to reschedule a required course.
  •  Class sizes need to be balanced.
  •  A course a student has selected cannot be scheduled.
  •  Unbalanced schedule

7th  Semester Graduation Policy

Though 7th semester graduation is not recommended, it may be in the best interest of some students. These rules apply:

1.Students may apply for this during the registration process during their senior year. In some cases, students may begin planning for this option with their counselor as early as freshman year.

2.No credits may be transferred in to complete requirements unless there is a hardship circumstance.

3.Hardships may fall into the categories of:

  •  Emancipated student
  •  Family relocation
  •  Personal/social issues
  •  Acceleration into post-secondary education

Removing a Student with Excessive Absences

A student removed from class for the excessive absence policy will receive a grade of “F” and the course and grade will appear on his/her transcript.

Students Behind on Credits

Only four out of building credits will be accepted to allow a student to graduate on time. Only two (2) of these credits may be by correspondence. These courses must be approved by an administrator prior to enrolling in the course.

Articulated Credit Transfer Form

Click to go to online form

Students who earned an A or B in each of the following courses are eligible for college credit through Waubonsee Community College: Accounting I, Child Care Lab, Graphics I, Graphics II, Graphics Production Management, and Technical Drawing. For more information on articulated credit, please go to the Valees website at www.valees.org.

What Colleges Look For

Preparing for college starts as early as the ninth grade, if not earlier. Parents and students often ask counselors, “What does it take for me to get into (Fill in the Blank) College?” That is a difficult question to answer, as competition has intensified for a spot at certain colleges, and it is hard to ascertain what factors colleges will emphasize in a particular year. We do know that colleges, especially those which are most competitive in admissions, seek students who are academically prepared for the rigors of college-level courses, who can contribute to their campus community, and who have a clear sense of why they are a good match for that college.

Top Factors Influencing Admission Decisions

Each year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) surveys colleges and universities to determine the top factors influencing admission decisions. According to the 2011 “State of College Admissions Report,” the following factors, in order of importance, were:

NCAA Clearinghouse Requirements

Students who wish to participate in collegiate athletics at the Division I or II level must apply for certification with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Clearinghouse after their junior year in high school.  Batavia High School counselors can assist students in completing this process if needed.

Ways for Parents and Families to get Involved

BSPN — Batavia Special Needs Parent Network

The BSPN includes parents, special-education teachers, school therapists and administrators within Batavia Public School District 101, which serves children from Batavia, Geneva and Aurora.  Our group welcomes anyone interested in improving and supporting special education.  Our primary goal is to create a support network for parents of special-education students.  Any parent can benefit from the exchange of ideas and information with other parents and school personnel. We regularly host informal coffee chats to allow parents to meet and share experiences and information.  As opportunities arise, we plan to host educational events to provide information about topics of interest to the special-needs community.

Contact: Leeann Rodriguez leeann.rodriguez@bps101.net

Music Buffs — Batavia Music Boosters

Batavia schools have a rich tradition of music education and providing music opportunities for our students. The Batavia Music Buffs is an all volunteer organization that supports music programs in all of Batavia’s schools. www.bataviamusicbuffs.org

PAC — Parent Advisory Council

The PAC group meets throughout the year to address issues related to the success of its students and school. The mission of the PAC group is to optimize the school experience for all students. This is achieved through parental understanding of, and involvement in, the curriculum and programs associated with Batavia High School. The faculty and administration must also have an awareness of the community’s view of the school to achieve this mission, and your valuable input is needed. Meets one Tuesday a month with the principal. Click here to access

Batavia Bulldog Boosters Batavia Athletics and Sports Booster

The Batavia Bulldog Booster Organization, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which supports and enhances the Batavia High School and Rotolo Middle School student athlete’s experience through fundraising and donations from parents, the community, and local business to provide our student athletes and teams with the funds for equipment, uniforms, or other items above and beyond the district’s athletic budget. www.bataviabulldogboosters.org

STAGE — Batavia Theatre Arts Boosters

STAGE supports, encourages, maintains, and promotes Rotolo and Batavia High School theatrical productions. Participation in theater productions is an integral part of the educational system that stimulates confidence, teamwork, a positive work ethic, and showmanship – all important characteristics necessary for success in life. www.bataviastage.org