BHS Course Catalog


Family & Consumer Science

Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts I (2 terms B840)
Culinary Arts II (2 terms B841)

Child Care
Child Care Lab (2 terms B854)
Child Development (1 term B843)

Culinary Arts I (2 terms, 1 credit)

Prerequisite: None

Level: Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr Elective

Fee: $65.00

In this course, you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of basic food principles, food preparation, and nutrition. The course includes both classroom and laboratory experiences needed to develop an understanding of safety and sanitation practices, knife skills, and proper equipment use. Planning, preparing, preserving, and serving foods occur while analyzing the food groups and their nutritional value. (16054A001)


Culinary Arts II (2 terms, 1 credit)

Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I/Grade of “C” or better is recommended.

Level: Soph, Jr, Sr Elective

Fee: $65.00

Culinary Arts II provides principles of application into the hospitality industry, including nutrition, culinary, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Course content includes the following: selection, purchase, preparation, and conservation of food, dietary needs and trends, regional & international cuisine, safety and sanitation, and careers in foodservice industries. All these concepts can be interpreted through laboratory experiences. (16054A002)


Child Development (1 term, .5 credit)

Prerequisite: None

Level: Soph, Jr, Sr Elective

Fee: $3.00

Child Development addresses the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors associated with supporting and promoting optimal growth and development of infants and children. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of child development from prenatal through early adolescence stages with an emphasis on the young child. The focus is on research-based nurturing, including brain development research, that supports the positive development of children. We will study and apply physical, social, emotional, and cognitive principles. Students will explore opportunities in human services and education-related careers. (19052A001)


Child Care Lab (2 terms, 1 credit)

Prerequisite: Child Development/A grade of “C” or better is recommended.

Level: Jr, Sr Elective

Fee: $7.00

This course prepares students to guide the development of young children in an educational setting through classroom and job shadowing experiences. Course content includes child development, care, and education issues. Project-based learning experiences include planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities, basic health and safety practices, and legal requirements of teaching young children. Students will research the requirements of early childhood education careers and develop/expand their career portfolios.  (19153A001)