Family & Consumer Science

Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts I (2 terms B840)
Culinary Arts II (2 terms B841)
Hospitality & Catering (2 terms B842)

Child Care
Child Care Lab (2 terms B854)
Child Development (1 term B843)
Parenting (1 term B853)

Culinary Arts I  (2 terms, 1 credit)
Prerequisite: None
Level: Fr, Soph, Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: $62.00
In this course you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge of basic food principles, food preparation and nutrition. You will learn to plan and make decisions about food preparation and service, and how to make sure health, sanitation and safety requirements are met. Kitchen procedures and principles of cooking are presented through demonstrations and laboratory food preparation. During this course you will have adequate experiences with the principles and preparation techniques of quick and yeast breads, dairy and egg products, fruit and vegetables, grains, meats, cakes and cookies. (Valees-H110/115)

Culinary Arts II  (2 terms, 1 credit)
Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I/Grade of “C” or better is recommended.
Level: Soph, Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: $58.00
Culinary Arts II is designed as an introduction to professional food service and quantity food preparation. Emphasis of the course is on skill development through the preparation of hot and cold foods and a variety of bakery products. Some topics include the history of food service, safety and sanitation, kitchen basics, equipment, cooking techniques, professionalism, management essentials, fruit garnishes, vegetables, stocks, sauces, soups, potatoes, grains, communication, and service of guests. Students experience quantity production baking and cooking through in-house catering.

Hospitality and Catering  (2 terms, 1 credit)
Prerequisite: Culinary Arts II/Grade of “C” or better is recommended.
Level: Soph, Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: $58.00
Catering and Hospitality is designed as a continuation of Culinary Arts I in the study of food service and quantity food preparation. Emphasis of the course is on skill development in the following areas: dairy, eggs, breakfast foods, sandwiches, nutrition, salads, garnishes, meat, poultry, seafood, desserts and baked goods, cost control, purchasing and inventory, and marketing. The culminating project is the student-run “Bulldog Cafe”, where students develop a menu and go through all aspects of operating a cafe.

Child Development  (1 term, .5 credit)
Prerequisite: None
Level: Soph, Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: $3.00
This is a course where students will gain knowledge and understanding of child development from prenatal through early adolescence stages with an emphasis on the young child. We will study and apply physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and aesthetic principles. Discussion and classroom activities will explore child development in the context of gender, family, culture, society, and appropriate early childhood professional practices. (Valees-H125)

Child Care Lab  (2 terms, 1 credit)
Prerequisite: Child Development/A grade of “C” or better is recommended.
Level: Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: $7.00
This course examines the responsibilities of an early childhood professional, including practical guidelines for providing care for preschool-aged children and their families. State and local requirements, guidance techniques, communication with parents, health, safety, nutrition, learning experiences and multicultural education are all discussed.

If you enjoy associating with children, this class is for you. We recommend this class for students interested in a career in child and day care operations, parenting, pediatric nursing/doctor/ physical therapy, social work or teaching. Students will be working in an extended campus facility, such as a local preschool, daycare or K-2 elementary school, as well as in the on-campus Paw Print Preschool. Placements may require student transportation and/or a one or two step TB test plus fingerprinting (required by DCFS when working in preschools and daycare facilities).

Upon completion of this class, students may earn college credit per agreement with Waubonsee Community College. (Valees- H205B)

Parenting  (1 term, .5 credit)
Prerequisite: None
Level: Jr, Sr Elective
Fee: None
This course will help you think through the responsibilities, satisfactions and stresses of parenthood. Many types of parenting situations will be examined. You will learn about family planning, pregnancy, postnatal development, the responsibilities of parenthood, and parenting and the law. You will build skills in planning, goal setting, decision making and maximizing valuable resources. Special attention will be given to problems and needs of teenage parenting to the importance of readiness for parenthood. (Valees-H715A)