BHS Course Catalog

Physical Education, Health, &
Driver Education

Freshman Choices
(Every Freshman will take Freshman PE plus Health or Driver Education)

  • Freshman PE
  • Health
  • Driver Education

Sophomore Choices
(Select one from each column)

  • General PE
  • Accelerated PE
  • Health (If not taken Freshman Year)
  • General PE
  • Driver Education 
  • Accelerated PE

Junior/Senior PE Choices
(Select one from each column)

  • General PE
  • Accelerated PE
  • Advanced Health
  • General PE
  • Accelerated PE
  • Driver Education

General Physical Education allows for a wider variety of course options within the Physical Education curriculum. The first day of class students will be given a variety of possibilities for courses (Group Fitness, Personal Fitness, Team & Individual Sports, Dance & Creative Movement, and Adventure Ed, Physical Training Design) they would like to engage in that term or that semester. Upon minimum class size for that option being reached, the course will be run.  If the minimum class size is not reached, the student will be enrolled in his or her second choice.


Junior/Senior Leadership Choices
(Select one) 

  • ABLE Leaders Program (2 terms)
  • Junior Leaders Program (2 terms)
  • Senior Peer Leaders (2 terms)
  • It is a state requirement that all high school students complete 3.5 credits of Physical Education and .5 credits of Health. Listed are required and choice classes for all grade levels followed by a course description. 
  • To be eligible to receive a Batavia High School Diploma, a student must successfully complete the required Physical Education (3.5 credits) and Health (.5 credits) classes unless excused as provided in this policy. BHS Driver’s Education goes towards Physical Education credit and graduation requirement.

Freshman Physical Education (A/B Day) (1 term, .5 credit)

Prerequisite: None

Level: Freshman Requirement

All freshman students will be enrolled in one term of physical education.  All freshmen physical education classes will focus on fitness concepts including: the five components of fitness, heart rate, goal setting, and fitness movements. They will also participate in a variety of fitness, team and individual activities to supplement these concepts.


Health Education (A/B Day) (1 term, .5 credit)

Prerequisite: None

Level:   Freshman/Sophomore Requirement

Fee: $15.00

The major goal of health education envisioned in this framework is the development of health literacy in all students. The curriculum will provide students with opportunities to explore health problems and work cooperatively on tasks that develop and enhance their conceptual understanding. The curriculum will also provide students with the knowledge and skills that can lead to lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors related to health in the following areas, but is not limited to, human ecology and health; human growth and development including the birth process; the emotional, psychological, physiological, hygienic and social responsibilities of family life including sexual abstinence until marriage; dangers associated with drug and alcohol consumption during pregnancy; prevention and control of disease; contraception; sexual assault awareness, safety education and disaster survival; mental health and illness; personal health habits; alcohol and drug use and abuse, including anabolic steroids; the dangers of tobacco use; nutrition; dental health; information regarding use of powdered caffeine; Public and Environmental Health; Consumer Health, Peer Relationships, & Body Systems.  Students will also receive CPR and AED training and an opportunity to be certified through the American Heart Association.


Driver Education (A/B Day)

The school provides the driver education course to all eligible students that reside within the district (whether enrolled in the school or not) between the ages of 15 and 21 who request such course. The classroom instruction does include instruction on distracted driving as major traffic safety issue and a demonstration of the proper actions to be taken during a traffic stop and appropriate interactions with law enforcement.  The full six hours of practice driving and observation time is in a dual-control vehicle with a licensed driving instructor on public roadways.

  • Classroom: During classroom instruction, students will receive education on defensive driving and safety techniques. There is no charge for classroom driver education. Classroom instruction will be available to all students during the school day of the semester in which they are scheduled. Batavia High School’s Driver Education program follows the parameters established by the Illinois Secretary of State and the State Board of Education. The State requires a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction, and students that cannot fulfill this minimum due to absences will be dropped. The final course grade is determined by the student’s performance in the classroom. The behind-the-wheel phase is a separate evaluation. Successful completion of both parts of the program are requirements for obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Behind-the-Wheel: The behind-the-wheel scheduling will be done during the first two weeks of the semester. The State requires a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and students that cannot fulfill this minimum due to absences will be dropped. Scheduling is done strictly by birth dates with the oldest students scheduled first. Students will be scheduled during all available teaching slots for behind-the-wheel during the school day. Additionally, before and after school instruction will be available to the students who cannot be scheduled during the school day. Any student who cannot be scheduled for the behind-the-wheel phase during the current semester will have the option of being scheduled during the summer session or the following semester. If your son/daughter does not receive behind-the-wheel during the current semester, at your discretion, he/she can begin to fulfill the state nine-month permit requirement. Also, at your discretion, your son/daughter may begin to acquire the 50 hours of additional driving time with an adult, which is also a prerequisite to obtaining a driver’s license.

Summer School: Behind-the-Wheel instruction is offered during the summer for students who were not scheduled during the school year. The session will begin approximately the second week of June and will run through the end of July.  Please Note: Illinois law requires students to be in the classroom and behind-the-wheel a minimum number of hours. If a student is absent for three (3) days from classroom or three (3) days from behind-the-wheel for the entire semester, the student will be unable to fulfill the state requirement and will be dropped from the program.


Class Selection for  Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors

All sophomores, juniors & seniors may select from the following classes to complete their physical education requirements each year. If a student does not meet the minimal requirements for an elective P.E. class, they may be removed from the selected elective and assigned a different P.E. class.


Accelerated P.E.  (Offered all 4 terms .5 Credit) There is an option for A/B Day

Prerequisite: You must have passed 3 or more of your fitness assessments.

Levels: Soph, Jr, Sr

Accelerated PE covers the basics of weight training using an individualized strength program. All five components of physical fitness are covered/performed in the class daily. Students are responsible for learning basic concepts in the areas of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and nutrition. Upon exiting the course, students learn how to design a strength program based on their individual goals. By taking the class, you can learn how to be your own personal trainer. Accelerated PE can be taken for one or two terms. Terms do not have to be consecutive. For students in a sport, the best time to take the class is either during the season or right before the season.


Advanced Health (1 term, .5 credit)

Prerequisite: “B” or better in Health Education

Level: Jr, Sr

Fee: $20.00

Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

The personal Wellness class is designed to promote a higher level of thinking for students regarding contemporary health issues and will also provide students with the opportunity to expand on their current level of health and wellness. Students begin by evaluating their own level of health and more into areas of life skills, nutrition, and non-communicable diseases, human sexuality, drugs and society, health care issues, complementary medicine, and environmental health. The foundation of the course will engage students in exploring the concepts of critical thinking and reflection through the investigation of current events and controversial issues in health and society. A number of teaching and learning strategies shall be used in the course including guided lecture and discussion, group work, journal writing, class presentations, hands-on activities and projects, field trips, guest speakers, and utilization of the internet to gain valid and reliable health information. (*Students will need to pay for transportation for any field trips they take.) This course may not be repeated. If a student does not meet the minimal requirements for an elective P.E. class, they may be removed from the selected elective and assigned a General P.E. class. 


Adventure Education and Lifetime Sports and Activities (1 term, .5 credit)

Level: Jr. Sr

Students will experience 10 stages toward helping students lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle and positive character development through adventure activities and outdoor pursuits. Students will experience acquaintance activities, ice breakers, fair play communication problem solving, and trust.  Students may have an opportunity to experience low elements, ropes course high elements outdoor pursuit, and personal challenges – lifestyle changes. During this course, students will also experience other lifetime activities. Students will need to be dressed appropriately for activities (designated by the teacher). Students will complete fitness assessments and fitness activities throughout the course.


Team & Individual Sports (1 term credit, .5 credit)

Level: Soph., Jr, Sr

Students will participate in various team and individual sports and activities throughout the course. Students will learn a variety of skills, rules, sportsmanship, and strategies. Sports and activities may vary depending on the season. Fitness concepts and fitness activities are emphasized throughout the course.


Physical Education Leadership Program

Junior Leaders Program (2 terms, 1 credit)

Level: Soph, Jr.

Through an application process, students chosen for this course will be able to break down knowledge barriers by modifying games, activities, sports in order to develop a learning environment suitable for all students. The Junior Leader Program will prepare students to be Peer Mentors in Freshmen and Sophomore classes or be a Peer Leader in the BHS VTP class during their senior year. Students enrolled in this class will also be trained on technique analysis, game strategies, fitness concepts, and teaching progressions. Students will develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others, leadership skills, and peer teaching. Students who are chosen to become Senior Peer Leaders/Mentors will be fully prepared and competent to be a leader for our BHS VTP students and for our freshmen and sophomore classes. This is a grassroots program of playing and competing together for fitness through physical education and builds respect that benefits all students in our school communities. As one peer partner has stated, “This class is life-changing!”


Senior Physical Education Leaders (2 terms, 1 credit)

Prerequisite: Junior Leaders

Level: Sr Elective

Students who are selected to be Peer Leaders will support breaking down knowledge barriers by modifying games/activities/sports in order to develop a learning environment suitable for all. This class includes daily interactive teaching with students who have complex needs in areas such as physical, communication, or social interaction.  Through social interaction and communication, Peer Leaders and students with disabilities often find that they have many things in common that foster friendships inside and outside of school.  This is a grassroots program of playing and competing together for fitness through physical education and builds respect that benefits all students in our school communities. As one peer partner has stated, “This class is life-changing!”


ABLE Peer Leaders (2 terms, 1 credit)

Prerequisite: Junior Leaders

Level: Sr

ABLE stands for Ability Based Learning and Education. Students in the ABLE class each have complex learning abilities due to significant physical, cognitive, and fragile medical conditions. Each student uses a manual wheelchair and relies on classroom staff and the peer leaders to assist with mobility and to be their hands and feet in playing and participating in adaptive physical education. We focus on what our students can do and not on their limitations. As an ABLE Peer Leader, your role is to be a leader, mentor, role model, team player, friend, and a bridge for our students to the rest of the BHS student body. ABLE Peer Leaders will assist students in the classroom in working on arts and crafts, music activities, board games, and social activities. In the gym ABLE Peer Leaders will assist in playing a variety of sports, games, and activities. This is a great gateway to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field of special education, occupational therapy, or physical therapy. This is a class that will foster lifelong friendships, a deeper understanding, and acceptance of the challenges faced by the ABLE students. Students are not required to dress in PE clothes but must wear tennis shoes in the gym.