Class of 2028


Contact Information

Who do I contact for help? BHS functions on a House system.  We have a team of people who only work with freshmen.

Assistant Principal: Mr. Jerad Beckler
School Counselor: Mr. Alton Rollerson
Social Worker: Ms. Danielle Flikkema
School Psychologist: Mrs. Lauren Gylleck
Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Colleen Stevens


Course Placements

What is the difference between College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement courses? 

College Prep These are courses that provide instruction to develop skills in reading, reasoning, higher level thinking, computation, laboratory science, and foreign language. They ready students for university and college work, as well as other post-secondary options.
Honors (H) These are courses that demand high levels of cognitive and problem-solving processes and independent work. A rigorous instructional pace allows for both curricular depth and enrichment. They prepare students for university and college work, as well as future study in Advanced Placement courses.
  • 50% increase in information covered
  • Increased depth and topics covered
  • Increased speed
  • Increased expectations for memorization 
Advanced Placement (AP) These are highly challenging courses with expectations that students will work independently and demonstrate high levels of critical and analytical thinking, reading, and writing. The textbooks and materials used are above grade level or at college level. The goal of the course is to prepare the student for the Advanced Placement exam; which may permit a student to receive college credit and/or placement. Beginning in 2016, all Illinois public universities and community colleges must award  college credit to students with an AP exam score of 3 or higher.
  • 75%-100% increase in information presented
  • Increased depth and topics covered
  • Increased speed 
  • Higher levels of expectations for memorization of raw facts 


What standardized test scores are used to determine course placement for incoming Freshmen at BHS?  We currently use the MAP test.  We look at the student’s average from their last 3 administrations.

What are the acceptable MAP scores required for placement in each Math course offered?  For Honors math placements we are looking for an average of 90th percentile or greater.

How is teacher recommendation collected and evaluated?  BHS Admin reviews the student’s MAP data and current grades and makes an initial placement which is shared with the RMS 8th grade team to review.  Teachers at RMS share additional feedback on the student and let BHS know if they believe the placement is accurate.  BHS then incorporates that feedback into a revised recommendation for the student.

What prior achievement data is reviewed?  And what level of achievement is required for placement in each Math course offered for Freshman students?  BHS is looking for students in Algebra or Intermediate Algebra to be earning A’s or at the lowest a very strong/high B when considering an Honors placement.  Outside of that range, students have historically not performed well in Honors classes at BHS.  When the grade is questionable or borderline, BHS looks deeper at details such as test or quiz averages, with additional weight given to summative/cumulative exams.

High School Schedule

What is the block schedule? Students take a total of 8 credits in a school year.  Most classes are a semester (about 18 weeks) long.  Some classes are term (about 9 weeks) and some classes are year-long.  Students have four, 90 minute classes per day.

How many classes do we request? Incoming freshmen will request three credits (five credits are made up of social studies, math, English, PE/Health, and science).  Here are the courses that freshmen can request.

Course Requests

How do music classes work? Students will request their music classes (band, choir, orchestra) during the course request process.  This is a total of 1 credit (out of the three potential elective credits).  Students will be enrolled in their music class every other day for the full year.  Music classes typically are balanced with an every other day PE course.

Are World Languages courses required? World Language courses (Spanish or French) are not required for graduation from BHS.  Many colleges and universities do have these requirements.

Please contact the freshman house assistant principal with any questions or concerns.

Important Dates

Welcome Letter From BHS Principal Dr. JoAnne Smith

Important Dates – Mark your Calendars
Tuesday, December 5th 8:00-8:45 AM  Non-RMS Students’ Parents Informational Meeting at BHS
Thursday, December 14th 6:30-7 PM Facebook Live for Incoming 9th Grade Parents 
Thursday, January 11th 6:00-8:00 PM Class of 2028 Student and Parent Night at BHS
Friday, January 12th 8:00 AM PowerSchool Portal Opens for Course Requests
Thursday, January 25th 7:00-7:30 AM Facebook Live for Incoming 9th Grade Parents
Monday, January 29th 8:00 AM PowerSchool Portal Closes for Course Requests
Early August 8:00 AM-12:00 PM and

1:30 PM-6:00 PM

Registration Events at BHS
Monday, August 12th 2024 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM Frost Fest – details to follow
Tuesday, August 13th 2024 7:30 AM -2:30 PM First Day of School


Questions? Contact Freshman Assistant Principal, Mr. Jerad Beckler.


Student Enrollment and Registration

Private or Homeschool Registration Information

Medical Forms

Non RMS Students’ Parent Meeting Sign Up

If you would like your child to be enrolled in a more rigorous course, please fill out the change/appeal requests form for by January 29th. Parents and students will be emailed soon after with final placement.


Course Requests


Incoming Freshmen (Class of 2028) will receive an email the week before the portal opens. Freshman course placements (Science, Social Studies, Math and English) were determined by considering the following factors: college readiness skill-level as indicated by your child’s score ranges on MAP tests, current 8th grade course placements, historical data trends, and 8th grade teacher review of recommended placements.

If you would like to make a change to a core course (English, Science, Social Studies, Math) please complete all the change/appeal requests form for  by January 29th. Parents and students will be emailed the final decision after is reviewed.


All Parents will use their parent login from January 12-29, 2024, to request courses for the 2024-2025 school year in the PowerSchool Portal.

Freshman Night Parent Information

Freshman Course Selection Guide 

2024-2025 Course Catalog 

Electives Course Overview Videos


Miscellaneous Course Request Information

  • When selecting electives, your alternate selections MUST be different.  Selecting the same course does not increase your chance of enrollment.
  • If your son or daughter has an IEP, please be advised that final decisions will be made at their annual review. However, your student must still enter the portal to select courses, especially PE and electives. Failure to do this could result in your student not securing a spot in an elective course.
  • NCAA Athletics (for potential collegiate athletes – see your counselor for more information)
  • Career Clusters

Non-RMS Families

Q & A for Non-RMS Students and Parents is Tuesday, December 5th at 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM.  This event is targeted for families who did not attend Rotolo Middle School.  Mr. Beckler, the freshman assistant principal, and Mr. Rollerson, the freshman counselor, will give an overview of the registration process as well as answer any questions that you may have.


Have registration questions?  Email the BHS registrar or call her extension at 630-937-8631.

Advice from Your Freshman Counselor

  • Explore student organizations, athletics, band, choir, and clubs at BHS. It will help you form a supportive group of friends with similar interests, improve your leadership skills, and start building a resume for your college applications.  Click here for further information on these opportunities.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming events, grading periods, and announcements and write important dates in your google calendar or personal planner. Teachers and counselors send emails to your school account, so please check your email. Pay attention to morning announcements.
  • Become involved in your community by volunteering.  Volunteering experience will make your college resume shine.  It exposes you to different careers and broadens your horizons.
  • Set goals, plan and be organized.  Understand the attendance, grading, and tardy policies. 
  • Be sure to plan out your four-year plan. Mr. Rollerson, the freshman counselor, will introduce you to the Naviance Course Planner your freshman year. Take rigorous classes that challenge you and bring out your best.
  • Ask for help! Find out what tutoring or extra help is offered for academics: your teachers, BHS Tutoring Center, counselors, and others.
  • Everything counts now! Your courses now earn credits. BHS has specific grade level requirements that students must meet in order to advance to the next grade.  Freshman grades are part of your high school grade point average (GPA). GPA is important because colleges and employers will reference it in their selection.
  • Class Success at BHS: Participate in class, ask questions, volunteer answers and participate in discussions.  Know your teachers. Does your teacher give points for participating or is a certain teacher strict about rules? Come to class with your homework done. Ask for help.  Our teachers at BHS are happy to help you but you have to ask.
  • Know how to get good grades at BHS. Be organized. Use a planner or your phone to plan your day. Manage your time well. To be successful in class, always do homework, be in class daily and participate. Take good notes, pay attention to your teachers, and listen to what they are saying.  Study smart: break large assignments into smaller parts. 

Questions?  Contact Freshman Counselor, Mr. Alton Rollerson.

Athletics & Activities

BHS has a wide array of athletics and activities.  Please check out our current Activity & Athletic Fair page for a listing of our clubs and activities.  Freshman Night on January 11th, 2024 will include the opportunity to meet many of the club sponsors and athletic coaches in the BHS Field House.  Our Activity Director is Ms. Shelby Gajos.

From Our Athletic Department:

The #1 page you want to familiarize yourself with and keep bookmarked is  

The above link is the main source of information for Batavia High School Sports.  On that page, you will find information for all of our athletic programs.  Schedules and results, team rosters, links to team pages, news and announcements, tryout information, photos, IHSA and School links, directions to other schools, and much more!  Be sure to review and familiarize yourself with this page!

Each coach may or may not have their own team athletic page, but is where you will find the most up-to-date schedules, contest cancellations/reschedules, tryout information, etc.

**Athletic Registration is separate from PowerSchool and a link is sent to you to register your athlete for sports via our own athletic registration website.  You must be registered in athletic registration in order to practice, participate or try out for a BHS sport prior to the first day of the sports season.

**A current sports physical is required in order to practice, participate, or tryout for a BHS sport and must be turned in to the athletic office prior to the first day of the sports season.  A link to the IHSA sports physical form is on our site.  Sports physicals are good for 13 months.

**Athletic Fees are input in PowerSchool once a final roster is submitted to the athletic office from the coach.  Do not pay fees in advance for any tryout sports.  Some sports may have additional fees besides the normal athletic fee.

The BHS Athletic Department Staff:

David Andrews, Athletic Director –, 630-937-8619

Amanda Morse , Athletic Secretary –, 630-937-8633

Jim Nazos, Asst. AD –

Dennis Piron, Asst. AD –

Questions? Please feel free to contact the BHS Athletic Department at 630-937-8614, fax number is 630-937-8602.

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