Evidence-Based Reporting

This page will be updated periodically throughout the year as a way to communicate the high school’s transition to Evidence-Based Reporting.  It is our hope that by the school year 2021-2022, all courses at BHS will be fully implemented with EBR practices.

BACKGROUND:  In 2017, a committee of administrators and teachers was formed to examine our current grading practices and explore possible areas of improvement. Since then, teachers have been involved in team discussions, book studies, site visits, and piloting Evidence-Based Reporting practices in their classrooms.  BHS understands this is a huge shift in grading and is slowly taking steps in moving toward this change. Your student may already be in courses that have fully embraced the EBR philosophies, but for the majority of students, traditional methods for grading are still being used.

October EBR Hub:       What is Evidence-Based Reporting and Why?
November EBR Hub:  The 4-Point Scale
December EBR Hub:  Pitfalls of Traditional Grading
January EBR Hub:  EBR & Post-Secondary Plans
February EBR Hub:  Special Education FAQs
March EBR HUB:  Student and Teacher Testimonials