AP Exams at Batavia High School



Fall Exam Registration for all students in fall AP courses

October 25th- AP exam Registration Closes for Fall Courses

October 26th- Teachers finalize AP decisions

October 31st- AP fees Added

November 8th- All AP Payments Due for Fall Courses

November 10th- Last day to cancel for full refund for Fall Courses

Spring Exam Registration for all students in spring AP courses

February 21st, 2024- Student Decisions due in MyAp

February 22nd, 2024- Teachers finalize AP decisions

February 27th, 2024- AP Exam Fees Added to PowerSchool

March 5th, 2024- All AP Payments Due for Spring Course AP Exams

March 8th, 2024- Last day to cancel for full refund for Spring Course AP Exams

May 6th –  May 17th, 2024- AP Exams for all students

BHS Exam Locations

Testing and Review Session Calendar

What is AP?

AP is a program offered through College Board.  Students take college-level course-work to prepare and possibly earn college credit via an exam that is taken in May.  Please watch this video for an overview. 

How do students earn college credit?

College credit can be given to students who earn certain scores on the AP Exams. AP Exams earn a score of 1-5 and generally students need a 3, 4 or 5 to earn credit for the corresponding college course.   Each college determines which scores they will accept, and for which course they will give the student credit for. Research or contact your colleges to determine which tests they will accept, which score that you need, and what course they will give you credit for.  If you are not certain which college you will attend, you can contact some area colleges to get an idea of how colleges use your AP credits.  Use this handy sheet to see some of our top schools

When are AP exams?

AP exams are the May 6th – May 17th, 2024.  Please click the link below or HERE to see the full schedule and check for your test date.

How do I sign up for an AP exam?

Students will indicate their exam choice in MyAp and their decision will be confirmed by their teacher. This video will explain the steps in more detail.

Students will be asked to sign consent that they agree to College Board and BHS procedures.

All students who wish to take an AP exam must register in MyAP.  Students are not automatically registered for an exam by being in the current course.  This includes students with accommodations as well.  Even if we have applied and you have been approved for accommodations, you MUST still register to take the exam.

Please note that due to space and staff restrictions, we are unable to offer AP tests to students who do not reside within our district. Home-schooled or students enrolled in a private school who live within the district and wish to take an AP test, need to check with an AP coordinator before registering for an AP test.

How much do AP exams cost and how do I pay for them?

The  fee for testing is $100 per exam. Students who choose an exam for which a course is not offered at Batavia High School will be charged $135 per exam. For information on fee waiver costs, please click here.

NOTE:  College Board will charge a $40 late fee for exams ordered after the registration date (November 12th for Fall Courses, March 6th for Spring Courses) .  

AP Exam fees will be added to your PowerSchool account after the registration window has closed.  Please pay the fees before November 8th (Fall Courses)  & March 5th (Spring Courses).

What if I paid for Dual Credit for my AP Course?

Several AP courses at BHS are also offered as Dual Credit.  This means that if you pay the fee at the beginning of the course to Waubonsee Community College and you are successful in the course,  you will earn college credit that is transferable to many colleges.  Many colleges will not also require you to take the AP exam to earn this credit.  It is important that you contact your college to determine whether or not they will require the AP exam if you have already earned the college credit for the course.  AP courses that are also Dual Credit are:  AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and  AP Psychology.

What should I do if I have approved testing accommodations at Batavia High School?

If you (or your child) is currently receiving testing accommodations (with a 504 plan or IEP), and will need these accommodations on an AP exam, you will be able to use them on the AP exam.  If you have already use these accommodations on the PSAT or SAT, the accommodations automatically apply to the AP exam.  If you are new to BHS or a freshman, you can contact your case manager for more information on applying for accommodations.

For more information about the accommodations process from College Board click here.

What if I forget my login information for College Board/MyAp?

Batavia High School does not have the ability to solve any issues with student logins for College Board.  For login issues, please visit their help page.

What can I bring to the testing room?

Your student ID is required for entry.  You should also bring pencils, blue or black pens and an approved calculator. Plan on leaving your cell phone and Chromebook in your locker during testing.  College Board policy strictly prohibits electronic devices in the testing room. Students with an electronic device, including cell phones, will NOT be allowed to take the test and will NOT be refunded their fees. BHS staff cannot hold cell phones or other devices for students. Students are also not allowed to bring bags, backpacks, or purses to the exam rooms.

All students taking an AP exam will need to watch the AP Exam Policy video and agree to uphold the policies set by both College Board and Batavia High School.  Students will receive a link to the the video and agreement.

What should I do I decide not to take the exam?

Please contact Mrs. Stevens immediately, colleen.stevens@bps101.net.

Where is my AP exam?

Please visit this document for AP exam dates, reporting times and locations or see below.

How do I access my AP score?

AP scores are released in July and you will access them on the College Board Website. It is important that you have your AP number available as you will need it to access your score.  If you do not already have a College Board Account, you can create one here.   We do not have access to your account information; if you are having trouble accessing your scores, please contact College Board.

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