Colleen Follin


Colleen Follin is a music educator and violinist from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. As a young student, Colleen’s dream job was to teach orchestra -today, she’s celebrating her 10th year as an orchestra director. Colleen earned her bachelor’s in music education at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where she studied the violin with Lyric Opera violinist Teresa Fream. Her teaching experience spans from 4th to 12th grade orchestra as well as 1st through 3rd grade general music. She has recorded and performed as a violinist in rock, country, folk, and classical ensembles and enjoys incorporating techniques from various musical styles in her violin lessons. Colleen is a member of several orchestras, including West Suburban Symphony and Fermi Community Orchestra. In her free time, Colleen enjoys visiting family in Los Angeles or Phoenix and playing with her dog Derry!